Altars to the Unknown

Altars to the Unknown was an art project/installation/exhibition that ran from April 5-28th, 2013 at Nisus Gallery in Portland, OR. It was an exploration in "all those things I make that I'm not sure how to define, so I guess I'll just call them art." I spend a lot of time making stuff - exploring forms, material combinations, color combos, etc, but I'm not exactly sure what to do with them. In a sense, I felt like they were little Altars to the Unknown - which is a hat tip to a biblical scene from the book of Acts - St. Paul encountered an altar that was dedicated to an "unknown god", which he quickly used as an opportunity to "name" the "unknown god". In the context of the story, it makes sense, but I also feel like we lose something when it is "named". I think this is the essence of art - that it sits just outside of our ability to name it - and that is why it is a resource. It points to something, but can never really get at that thing - just like an altar. So for this project, I allowed myself to meander along a line of making, playful investigation and exploration, without concerning myself too much with naming the things.


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